Classical music cities in Europe

Europe hs one of the oldest and most amazing cultures in the world. It is quite popular around the globe for a huge number of things and once such a thing is its music. The music from Europe was taken to a number of other nations in the older times. This was because of the greatness and uniqueness that European music used to present.

With the advancement and up gradation to technology, the number of things has been changed and wiped out. But still, there are some of the cities that stand intact and are known to be the classical music city.

In this article, we are going to read about some of these cities and gather as much as knowledge as we can. It is to offer you the required information and knowledge as we can.

Salzburg, Austria

Festival in the city

This city is known to be the home of many of the classic composers and greatest singers of their times. It is also declared to be the world heritage by UNESCO. The city feels like a living monument and has a number of music tourist spots that might catch the attention of all the people crossing by. The Mozart foundation in this city still holds a number of concerts and live shows to keep the old culture alive and offering knowledge to the people. There are also museums that are specifically dedicated to some of the greatest composers. These museums include all the information about them as they can.

Prague, Czech Republic

This place was the homeland for Antonin Dvorak, and his work represented the spirit of his own homeland. He was born in the outskirts of the city and spent most of his life in this place. There are still concerts and music festivals organized in this city that are meant to keep his spirit alive and encourage people to take part in the music and to identify their hidden talents. The music festivals organized are surely not genre specific and allows any of the interested composers or the singers to participate and showcase best of their works on the stage.

European classic music city

Warsaw, Poland

The city of Warsaw is highly inspired by Fredric Chopin, who was the legendary pianist of his time. Even the airport of this city is named after him, and the city still remembers the legend for all the outstanding performances he has given along with the great music pieces he created. Chopin left the city when he was twenty-one years of age but still he manages to inspire the population of the city. There are a huge number of monuments and museums in the city that are purely dedicated to him and were created in his honor.

The cities mentioned in this article are all famous for their contributions towards the European classic music. All of these cities are quite popular in different parts of the world. So, next time on your Europe trip do not forget to pay a visit to these cities for sure.