Everything that theatre consists of

In the recent weeks theatre has seized the Beyond Borders youth from Wrocław and Tehran. Soon enough we will admire the effects of the three-week preparations. However, theatre is not the only thing that keeps an artist alive…  Sometimes there is a necessity of dealing with difficult questions 😉



We have learned why our Iranian equals decided to create a spectacle and what they value the most in Poland.


I would like to be an artist!

There are different motivations and dreams which guide the Iranian teenagers. Still, the vast majority associate their future with art, plan to be actors and directors. Meanwhile, the Beyond Borders pursues their passions.

But this is not the end. From the joint adventure derives growth and experience. Creation of a theatrical play and showing it in another country is a challenge, without a doubt. For those who took it, an opportunity of  meeting new people and culture, gaining self-confidence, opened up. They appreciate a possibility of learning about Polish history and looking at the world from a completely new, “Polish” perspective.



Everyting that theatre consists of… is important – said Matin Nikookar, and it is hard to disagree. According to Rooha Mokhlesi – it is a tool powerful enough to change the world.

The stage allows to become somebody else for a brief moment  – it gives freedom. For some, theatre is a way to express and to know themselves better. Dorsa Sadrmohammadi appreciates the possibility to get away from everyday life. Many participants in the process of theatrical creation find – excitement, challenge, and a new adventure.


In Poland I like the most…

…culture, history, and art, films, and graphics. Our friends from Iran value Polish mentality, and their favourite place in Wrocław is… Rynek in a cloudy, Sunday evening.



In the Entrusted to the Street we are going to see Sara Ramezani, Parsa Nazeri, Delshad Jalili, Sayeh Parsaei, Sepandar Akbari Alam, Ashkan Zomorodi, Sara Zakeri, Romina Ghasemizadeh, Rasta Motahari, Rojina Ghasemizadeh, Raha Rajabi, Kiarash Karkhi, Erfan Rahbari, Mahdyar Tavassoli, Noushafarin Zamanian, and Saba Taheri.

It is just around the corner. I hope that all of you will show up!


2015_10_02_Beyond_Borders_5696Sonia Jakubiak. Fan of mathematics, acting, and writing poems. Passionate reader of the scientific books (pretending to understand them). In addition, she is interested in psychology – there is nothing more inspiring in the world than a human. In the future she plans to be an IT specialist and dreams of traveling around the world. One of the”Beyond Borders” leaders.