Spectacles are already behind us

Polish and Iranian youth performances released experiences collected throughout the project. It has already faded but the message of being Beyond Borders will remain inside of each and everyone of us for a long time. Young artists from Wrocław and Tehran, crossed the borders of prejudice, shared knowledge about Iranian and Polish culture. The audience […]

Everything that theatre consists of

In the recent weeks theatre has seized the Beyond Borders youth from Wrocław and Tehran. Soon enough we will admire the effects of the three-week preparations. However, theatre is not the only thing that keeps an artist alive…  Sometimes there is a necessity of dealing with difficult questions 😉     We have learned why […]

Imagination phase set off in Iran !

In both of the countries – Poland and Iran – youth is heavily working on their artistic projects inspired by their cinematography. Project are held in many different disciplines like: plastic arts media arts literature music photography. Here are some news from our correspondent in Iran: The youth and the artists came together on Thursday […]

A cultural toastie

  Only a pair of doors and a black curtain are separating us from Iran. The temperature difference: 20⁰C, the cultural: whole 180⁰. But is it really so? Close your eyes and let me take you on a journey: colourful, patterned Persian carpets hanging on the walls. Beside them there are photographs taken by Piotr Kuna. […]

How a liver relates to a film?

Well: a good piece of cloth, two professional discussion leaders, controlling experts, a little freshness, and, simply speaking, a stroke of genius – that is enough. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Beyond Borders Festival! The idea of the film projections is simple – it is to be the inspiration for further creation. A selected […]

Closer than you think” in MiserArt.

Among delicacies from Poland and Iran, sipping tea sweetened with Iranian sugar, on Sunday afternoon in MiserArt (like on the Iranian-Polish island), we were listening to the stories about Persian culture and history Our three guests: Alireza Javan, Mahan Charmshir and Reza Soroor, moved our thoughts closer to Iran. At the same time, Adam Kruk […]

Photo exhibition of Piotr Kuna

During the event Closer than you think. Wrocław – Tehran there will be a photo exhibition of Piotr Kuba about Iran. Piotr Kuna ’75. A photographer, architect; travels and passionately searches for interesting nad unforgettable places in Poland. After a trip to Iran he started promotion of Iranian culture.

Closer than you think. Wrocław – Tehran.

We invite you to an open meeting approximating Persian culture with the participation of guests from Iran: Alireza Javan – PhD – Neuropsychology, University of California, Davis. Reza Soroor – playwright, lecturer at the Tehran University of Art, awarded translator of Jan Kott’s work. Mahan Charmshir – Student – Institute of International Relations, University of […]

Film Inspirations in Iran!

Meantime in Iran the “Film Inspirations” phase has already begun. Our envoys from Wrocław – Adam Kruk and Marcin Szydzisz (exactly the same ones who introduced us into meanders of Polish cinematography in the New Horizons Cinema) are already in Iran! We just can’t wait to listen to their stories after their arrival. Until now […]