Spectacles are already behind us

Polish and Iranian youth performances released experiences collected throughout the project.

It has already faded but the message of being Beyond Borders will remain inside of each and everyone of us for a long time.

Young artists from Wrocław and Tehran, crossed the borders of prejudice, shared knowledge about Iranian and Polish culture. The audience gathered in Studio Na Grobli was approached to the mutual understanding and recognition.


Entrusted to the Street

The story of the people rejected by society.

Iranian group illustrated life and concerns of today’s youth. It also undertook the issue of relation between human and things.



A group of people sit at a table with food on platters, but they are not able to bend the elbow to reach the mouth with a spoon. So they are hungry. This is hell.
In another place sit a group of people and nobody is able to bend the elbow as well. But here no one stays hungry because they feed each other and give food on the spoon to the mouth. This is heaven.




Polish group performance raised a problem of intimacy and truth.

Attachment to what behooves or not, blind, encoded abiding to set boundaries, and paradoxical tackling with eternal desire of the limitless existence.



My eye is to be a mirror reflecting your rays

Hafiz, Diwan



Openness, self-awareness, and inspiration of the youth, resulting from the knowledge and rapprochement with Polish and Iranian culture, led to look inside yourself and showed that from “being different” everyone is able to derive and learn, not deny.

From 5.09 to 10.09 jointed workshops and preparations to the grand finale are being underway.

We are wondering which elements of the spectacles touched the Beyond Borders youth the most?

Everything will be clear on September 10, 2016, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm in Kamienica Rynek 25.

Feel free to join us!


photographs: Joanna Stoga