Film is a “mirror of the culture”. Understand your uniqueness, individuality and similarities of other cultures.

"Beyond Borders" aims at strengthening the identity of the youth through observation and reflection over their own culture; building through the art of mutual understanding and openness transcending the borders of the countries and exoticism of the cultures.
We enhance creativity and thinking independence of the youth.


Spectacles are already behind us

Polish and Iranian youth performances released experiences collected throughout the project. It has already faded but the message of being Beyond Borders will remain inside of each and everyone of us for a long time. Young artists from Wrocław and Tehran, crossed the borders of prejudice, shared knowledge about Iranian and Polish culture. The audience […]

Everything that theatre consists of

In the recent weeks theatre has seized the Beyond Borders youth from Wrocław and Tehran. Soon enough we will admire the effects of the three-week preparations. However, theatre is not the only thing that keeps an artist alive…  Sometimes there is a necessity of dealing with difficult questions 😉     We have learned why […]

Imagination phase set off in Iran !

In both of the countries – Poland and Iran – youth is heavily working on their artistic projects inspired by their cinematography. Project are held in many different disciplines like: plastic arts media arts literature music photography. Here are some news from our correspondent in Iran: The youth and the artists came together on Thursday […]


Project stages

1. Discovery

Film projections of 10 local films for the local youth (participants).

2. Inspiration

Film projections of the 5 films from the project partner country for the local participating youth.

3. Creation

Artistic workshops for participating youth.

4. Festival

Public film projections of the films from a project partner country and exhibition of art pieces prepared by the youth.

5. Imagination

Presentation of a theatre play prepared by the participating youth.

6. Journey

Youth exchange in partner countries in order to present the theatre play.

Current phase: Imagination



This edition of the project is intended for youth a mutual effort of two countries - Poland and Iran. The focal point of all of the artistic activities having place during the project is local and foreign cinematography.

Film becomes a "mirror of the culture" - a tool to understand uniqueness of the own country's culture and generation, and also understanding of differences and similarities present in other cultures.

Youth is encouraged to observe and reflect on qualities of their own culture. Later they use this process to apply the same approach to understand culture of other countries taking part in the project.

The key element is active participation and engagement of the youth, who:

  • select home country films worth showing to peers from the project partner countries.
  • create own artistic pieces based inspirations from the foreign countries (project partners) - e.g. films images, photography, literature).
  • collaborate in the festival production process.


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